interview with footwear buyer

Wide fit has launched at Peacocks and we couldn’t be happier about it! There are also comfort fit styles to suit those that are on their feet all day. To get the low down on the new range we’ve been chatting to our footwear buyer, Kate Edwards.

What prompted you to look into wide fit shoes for Peacocks?

From talking to our customers and looking at our competitors we noticed that there is a big market for fashionable wide fit shoes, which made it a bit of a no brainer for us! We want to ensure that all of our customers can shop our shoes and by launching this new range as an exciting extension to our current range, we are accommodating for those who may not currently be able to shop Peacocks footwear.

Why did you choose the particular styles for this range?

We were mainly guided by customer feedback with regards to style choices where fit is a bigger issue. For example, a wide fit customer would struggle to fit into a standard fit court shoe -hence why a wide fit court shoe was a must have for our range!

What is it about the Peacocks wide fit and comfort ranges that you think make them stand out from competitors?

As a team we put a lot of work into the development of our wide fit range by ensuring that we were focused on the comfort of our shoes as well as the aesthetic. We are confident that we know what our customers like so it was down to us to use that knowledge to ensure that we are giving them the styles that they want in a way that is wearable for all.

Do you have a favourite style from the wide fit range?

I absolutely love the black western boots that are due to come in in the next few weeks – the embroidery and studs are very much on trend for Autumn/Winter. Personally, I can’t wait to get back into boots for the new season!

What are the main trends and highlights for the season in footwear?

The new season is all about Western boots, court shoes, over the knee boots and fashion mules. You can also expect to see plenty of trainers and embroidery detailing. My favourite trend of the new season is actually court shoes! There are so many lovely colours and materials around at the moment and they can be worn in both a smart and casual way, which makes them a firm favourite.


interview with footwear buyer