Valentine’s Day Lingerie & Underwear That Will Leave You Sizzling

Question, ladies: have you ever been in one of those relationships where you just know your other half fancies the pants off you? If you have – doesn’t it feel awesome?

If you’re in one, we’re totally pleased for you. *sobs quietly*

If not, you’re probably in our single pringle crew. Here at Peacocks, we’re always on a mission to help our girls feel as good as they look, and you’re going to look incredible in our new Valentine’s Day lingerie.

Go uber-sexy if it makes you feel good

This point is true whether you’ve found Mr Right, Mr Right Now or you’re having a pamper night and you want to do it in style. Perhaps shaving your legs and doing a facemask in a satin basque would be a little extreme, but you get our point.

If a valentine is lucky enough to be spending time with you, we guarantee they’ll love this look as much as you.

Refresh your everyday underwear drawer

Hands up if you’re used to neglecting your everyday underwear. Yeah, us too.

It’s an easy enough habit to get into – if no one is seeing it, or you and your beau have been together a long time, finding matching underwear in the morning can feel like a wasted effort.

It never seems to be the right time to splurge on clothes people can’t see. That’s why our glamour lingerie prices are so incredible here at Peacocks. We know the importance of comfortable, pretty underwear because the right foundations can make you feel like a sexbomb.

Always have a babydoll to hand.

If you’ve never worn a babydoll, we can’t even express how good you’re going to feel in one.

Reach for lace, mesh and satin for fabrics that will feel incredible against your skin, and save them for your next night in with the lucky guy. Or, add them into your underwear rotation – looking good just for you is definitely underrated.

Better yet, if you get used to wearing your babydolls regularly, you won’t feel silly when you *change into something a little more comfortable* for datenight.


Finally… listen to your body

When you feel like you’re in a need of a little TLC, inner you will usually let you know what she wants – we just get used to ignorning her for one reason or another.

Whether she’s asking for a bar of choc and a night off the gym, or she’s craving some serotonin-releasing exercise (Zumba, anyone?); it will do you good in the long run to listen once in a while.

That definitely counts for Valentine’s Day, so give yourself a little extra pleasure and feel that dopamine hit.

However you’re spending February 14th 2018, we want you to feel fabulous either way. Shop Valentine’s Day lingerie at Peacocks today and look AMAZING – you deserve it!