We think Instagram is amazing, purely because it allows everyone to put on their own artist’s exhibition, even if we never performed well in Art class at secondary school.

But it seems like some people are simply blessed with a beautiful, awe-inspiring Instagram page that makes us want to overhaul our lives and move to a converted loft with a vegan Chihuahua. What we can’t see, is that it involves some mega commitment behind the scenes!

Don’t forget though – nobody’s life is quite how it looks on Instagram – you only see their best bits, and with these easy-to-follow Instagram tips you can get a cool page too, with the perfect posts, Instagram photography and more!

So, here’s our advice for planning wonderful flat lays and posting stunning selfies you’ll be proud of.


Inspo: fun things to post on Instagram

There are some staple topics that please the majority of potential followers, and also make for plenty of good Instagram pictures, without too much work.

Though you might find that many of the best Insta blogger babes have a unique hook that they centre all of their posts around, these ideas will give you a jumping-off point, to figure out what your fans (thank you, thank you) would like to see more of.

We’re talking about foodie shots, breath-taking landscapes that show off your hotshot travelling calendar, and the adorable fluffy animals in your life. Not forgetting the odd inspirational quote, Layout combo of a great night out or a sophisticated, sleek product showcase.



Best selfie captions

Sometimes your selfie caption can be just as important as the selfie itself (say self again).

If you choose the right words, you’ll come across like you just uploaded the image quickly and wrote out the first thought that came to you. Which of course makes you sound like a wise yet sexy young goddess.

Some of our faves include, “happiness is just a chemical”, “some things are better in dreams”, or the immortal words of Taylor Swift, “all I know is we said hello and your eyes looked like coming home”.


You’ll find loads of on-point inspo here though, at Gramlike.


Flat lay photography

Flay lay photography is so successful for gaining Instagram followers and likes because this style makes the most mundane items and products look fabulous.

Check out our JoJo Bows flat lay post below. See how the bow colours stand out, although the background is made up of colours in the same hue?

Personally, our favourite kind of flat lay makes everything look edible even if it isn’t, and this one makes us think of sweets.

JoJo bows are online and in store NOW! Read all about it in our latest blog post! (????: 'JoJo Bows' to buy!)

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Instagram Borders

Make like the gorgeous, talented radio star Alice Levine, and put an Instagram frame around your photos. It gives each image a sexy, vintage vibe and also lets them stand out more on your profile page.


Finding the right Instagram photo editor

Choosing an Instagram photo editor isn’t just about downloading the latest technology. You’ve got to find filters and effects that make you LOVE your photos, and just adore your selfies. After all, it isn’t easy to improve on perfection!

We love this video from Damsel in Dior, outlining and demonstrating her fave tools.

If you need a little more social media advice from the Insta-obsessed staff here at Peacocks, chat to us on Instagram and make sure to check out our New-In collection onsite. Packed with new-season trends, the latest garms will keep your Instagram photos on-point.