We know how stressful the back-to-school shop can be – we parents here at Peacocks have been there too!

Uniform and accessories from official suppliers can be really expensive, and let’s be honest – these prices get even more frustrating when our kids are going through growth spurts, scuffing their shoes on the playground and changing their opinion on which school bags are cool every other day.

So, how do you ensure you’ve picked up the best back-to-school deals? Hit the school uniform shop at Peacocks and you’ll find some amazing back-to-school sales, as well as buy one get one half price offers.

Take our top tips and browse these fabulous deals today!

Your Back-to-School Shopping

Our number one piece of advice would be to avoid the school uniform store when possible. Essentials such as school shirts, trousers, skirts and shoes are available – buy one get one half price at Peacocks NOW!

That way, even if you have to buy the branded jumper from your local uniform shop, you’ll save money on quality basics. Just check with your child’s school to ensure this complies with their rules and you’ll be ready to start saving!

For her


Check out the full range of girls’ school essentials here.


For him


For all of these durable, affordable pieces and more, head to the full collection of boys’ school essentials now.



Water-resistant? Check. Hooded? Check. Practical? Absolutely. All of our coats for boys and girls are high-quality, and ideal for keeping them cosy, but we also cater to your little one’s flourishing fashion sense with the year’s newest trends reflected in our kids’ coats.

Browse girls’ and boys’ school coats at Peacocks now for stylish padded jackets, parkas and more.


For her


For him


Accessories and School Supplies

Now for the bit that kids love. There’s only so much enjoyment they can get from selecting uniform basics, but choosing their school bag and accessories gives little ones a chance to showcase their adorable personalities.

Again we’d recommend checking, but many schools allow a little more leeway in this area.

Whether they’re four or fourteen, we’re sure to have the perfect backpack here, from those bearing My Little Pony or Avengers characters, to stylish floral and camo designs for older kids.



As we remember from our own school years, it’s all about your stationary and your lunchbox when it comes to classroom cool – we’ve picked out some of our fave pieces below, just for your little man or woman.



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