Uni Room Ideas | How to Decorate Your Uni Room | Peacocks

Uni Room Ideas | How to Decorate Your Uni Room | Peacocks

Pimp My Room! Uni Room Décor Ideas & Inspiration

Is it time for your once knee-high cherubs to fly the nest and brave uni life?

If the answer is yes (perhaps through gritted teeth and watery eyes), then you may be wondering what you can do to help your young adults settle in and feel more at home.

The thought of a blank canvas room may be your fledgling’s nightmare, but with a few homeware knick-knacks and some modern styling, you can create a homely crib that will definitely create room-envy in the halls!

We’ve thought up some uni room ideas so that your blossoming student has plenty of décor inspiration to play with when it comes to pimping out their new pad. Keep reading for some of our top homeware picks.  

Make Yourself At Home!

A selection of cushions in funky, geometric prints can instantly brighten up a room.

Coming home to a relaxing space is a must after a long day of lectures, so indulging in soft fabrics and plush accessories is a must for ultimate relaxation!

Cushions are a soft-furnishing dream. Instantly add a touch of warmth and comfort – not to mention personality if you choose a geometric print – into a plain environment.

*Top Tip*
Mix ‘n’ match cushions of different shapes, sizes and colours for a contemporary vibe that you can change each season.

Be A Space-Saving Pro

We all know the struggle is real when it comes to finding somewhere to put the a million and one personal bits and bobs that you’ve collected over the years.

So, how do you help your soon-to-be student keep their crib neat and tidy while smashing the whole ‘uni room décor’ game?

Our little and large storage bags are the best thing since sliced bread! In a geometric print, these monochrome beauties are fab for concealing any mess when the family pops round.

A set of storage bags in a monochrome theme are must-have storage-saving solutions!

The Devil Is In The Details

Adding a selection of candles is a great way to turn a simple room into a calming space.

When it comes to an interior style to be reckoned with, a sprinkling of a few small items can help a turn a hall into a home.

Create a zen atmosphere with a carefully placed selection of candles; experiment with signature scents and make sure they have the best-smelling room in the block!

For more scented goodies, head to your local Peacocks store and find elegant reed diffusers too.

Bring The Outside In

If your fresher has always loved the look of indoor plants but hasn’t quite found their green fingers yet, a faux plant is a room addition that’ll leave their mates believing that they’re a gardening pro.

This mock succulent comes with a sleek, gold tripod stand too – a classy addition to every nightstand.

Pick up a selection of faux plants to bring a touch of nature inside, without the gardening hassle!

Still looking for more uni room inspiration? Our range of homeware has modern pieces to help you put your style stamp on the design of any room. We’d love to see how you’ve placed your new-buys too – head over to Insta @peacocks_fashion and use #mypeacocks to share your homeware must-haves.

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