School Uniform Nostalgia: How Did You Customise? | Peacocks

School Uniform Nostalgia: How Did You Customise? | Peacocks

School uniform nostalgia: did you customise yours like this?

Were you Cher from Clueless or Orla from Derry Girls? Maybe Joey from Dawson’s Creek?

Whoever your schoolyard idols were, are or would have been, we’re sure you’ll have made at least one of these customisations to your uniform. Who did we think we were? And the trends might change, but our kids are exactly the same.

We spoke to some of our fave mummy bloggers to chat over the weirdest, kookiest and downright hilarious ways we used to mess with the regulation look – it’s not surprising so many teachers lost their rag eventually.

The classic school skirt burrito

Vicki Psarias, founder of Honest Mum, told us straight – no nonsense – that she loved breaking the rules at school:

“I was definitely a non-conformist. I would always roll up my tartan skirt to make it a mini, as knee-length was not for me (how things change), but the teachers would measure our skirts and pull down the short ones. I was persistent though, and they gave up in the end.”

Now a published author who writes about juggling work and motherhood in her book, Mumboss, Vicki also channelled her inner girl band at school. She told us, “I loved my Spice Girl inspired, black platform school shoes, so much so, I wish I still had them now!”

How many times did you argue with teachers about the height of your platform? Thinking back, it still feels like it was worth it…

Older girls’ school uniforms for 2019.

Boho beautiful

We have a variety of boys’ school uniforms for 2019 at Peacocks.

When it comes to girls changing up their schoolwear looks, a makeshift miniskirt has to be up there, but our skirts have been on a real rollercoaster over the years. Check out Tania of Larger Family Life’s favourite memory:

“Oh my goodness, yes I did roll up my skirt… until I went all ‘boho rock’ and wore long flowing skirts, with black leather boots dotted with silver studs and buckles! Oh, the ‘80s, how I miss you!”

Being that cool at school should not be allowed, Tania!

Teeny tiny school ties!

Hannah Law, one of our Stock Allocators, and Amber Taylor, the Peacocks Social Media Manager, were both big fans of wearing the diddiest ties around. We remember this one, as Hannah says:

“When I was in school it was cool to wear your tie really short! I loved wearing my school skirt with ankle boots and I loved to style my hair in different ways using cute hair clips and different colour bobbles.”

So it’s official, pairing your skirt with some cool boots at school was the bee’s knees (in fact, it never stops being stylish!), and limiting us to personalising our hair was always going to lead to a crazy overuse of bright accessories!

Accessorise girls’ school uniforms with headbands and bobbles.

Making a statement about…everything!

Amber is a girl after our own hearts, because she reminded us about the millions of statement badges we attached to our blazers, rucksacks – well, everywhere! She told us:

“I always used to do a short tie and add badges. As I got older I wore a personalised coat and bag to help add some character to my uniform.”

A soft spot for jelly EVERYTHING

From folders and water bottles to pencil cases, you’ll find plenty of girls’ school essentials at Peacocks.

There’s a reason every trend from the ‘80s comes back over and over again! Jelly everything and huge hair to boot; we’re in love. Susan Mann gave us the details about what it was like to go to primary school in one of the funkiest decades to date:

“I was a primary school girl of the 80’s and loved wearing big bows and jelly shoes with the jelly bag. Then there was the perm too. Crazy hair days.”

Maybe we should do a separate blog post about what we did to our hair at school? But we’re not sure anyone would want to collaborate with us!

Drawing on your sleeves and shoes!

Jade Lloyd, from The Parenting Jungle, did her mum a bit of a favour by hiding her customisation and WOW do we remember drawing on our P.E. trainers:

“My mother always drilled into me that uniforms were expensive so I got creative with personalising them in ways that she wouldn’t spy, so the insides of my sleeves I would cover with drawn-on hearts and flowers, and roll them up in school. Same with the soles of my shoes.

The custom black trousers I traded for flared fit, they would soak up the water to my knees. I also seemed to think it looked good to wear odd socks.”

Oh, flares! I wonder if we had very strong legs from carrying around all that water?

From padded coats to parkas, you’ll find stylish, durable school coats for kids at Peacocks.

Swapping out the school jumper because your new one fits better

Why was swapping a branded jumper for a high-street basic so much more fabulous? For some reason, we always preferred the fit. Not that we’re suggesting you flout the rules if your little one’s school requires a regulation jumper or blazer!

Elissa Mancuso, one of our Assistant Product Technologists, feels the same way:

“Considering there wasn’t much leeway in customising my uniform – the only options I had was swapping a navy badge cardigan for a basic navy cardigan and changing up the school bag to a small handbag that was so small it barely fitted a pen in and definitely not a P.E. kit (I always hated P.E.!)”

Who needs to carry folders and books anyway? Said no parent ever. Now we know why our parents got so frustrated…

Thanks to Vicki, Jade, Tania and Susan for collaborating with us on this blast from the past, plus Hannah, Elissa and Amber from the team here at Peacocks – it might be cringe-worthy to think back to our embarrassing school days but at least we had lots of fun!

If you’re still shopping for school uniform, check out the back-to-school shop at Peacocks for all of your little (or not so little!) one’s essentials.

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