Back-to-School Essentials for Trendy Kids | Peacocks

Back-to-School Essentials for Trendy Kids | Peacocks

Affordable back-to-school essentials for your trendy little ones

Going back to school each year is a magical time for kids. When you’re really small, seeing your pals again after six whole weeks felt like an eternity. As you get older, it’s a chance to show everyone all the interesting things you’ve done, seen, bought and found, or even how cool you’ve become while reinventing yourself over the hols. (We used to put a lot of thought into that last one). Find the trendy back-to-school essentials you need at Peacocks and help your little ones make their entrance this term – our purse-pleasing prices are sure to suit you, too!

Shop Our Back To School

Their new statement bags and backpacks

We’ve got an incredible range of affordable school bags and rucksacks for all ages at Peacocks.

The closest you get to buying something unique for school; as long as there’s no regulation bookbag or strict rules, kids can go wild and pick their favourite shapes, prints and animations. From stylish black handbags to patterned rucksacks, we’ve got designs for all ages and tastes.

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!

Why does buying new stationary make us feel super in-control and organised all of a sudden? We reckon it starts when you’re little and you get excited during the back-to-school shop! New term, new pencilcase, new me.

From binders and notebooks to lunchboxes and pens, you’ll find all the equipment your little ones need in our stationary shop.

The latest warm, winter coats

Get set for lots of thank yous when you buy your little one a warm, trendy puffa coat for the new term.

Getting the school coat right is a tricky one. They’ve got to like it (and so does your purse), but you’ll need to make sure you pick something warm and durable too. This year, kids can’t get trendier than with a padded or puffa-style coat.

Uniform basics

Where can you find quality must-haves like white blouses, shirts and polos or black trousers and grey pinafores? Peacocks of course! They could be entering reception and looking forward to cartwheeling on the grass, or planning to stand around looking cool in the high school corridors – either way, we’ve got a great range of designs and sizes to suit you both.

From pinafores and black trousers to white shirts and polos, our uniform basics are great quality and durable to boot.

Are your little ones all set for the new term? We’d love to hear your back-to-school shopping tips on Facebook or Twitter today! If you’re still hunting for school essentials, head to our back-to-school shop, where you’ll find everything you need (and plenty they want!) in one place

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