Tidy Bag, Tidy Mind: Spring Cleaning Your Handbag

Tidy Bag, Tidy Mind: Spring Cleaning Your Handbag

Tidy Handbag, Tidy Mind: Spring Clean Your Handbag

Empty out your handbag and purse can be therapeutic- make sure you're starting with a clean, tidy base!

Unless you’ve been chilling under a Netflix-free rock for the last few months, you’ll know that some of us have become obsessed (understatement) with cleaning and tidying to maximise our zen vibes.

Marie Kondo and Mrs Hinch – this is all your fault and we love you for it.

Your handbag is no exception, so check out our top tips for Spring cleaning your must-carry accessory, your mobile dressing table and most loyal bezzie (a true mate is always carrying setting powder).

Make Sure Everything Has Its Own Space

When you want to avoid a jingling, jangling Mary Poppins handbag, make sure all of your essentials have their own little house – whether that’s keeping your lip balm, keys and phone in side pockets, snacks in a Tupperware or foldering up your notebook and spare pens.

It’s also the best way to avoid ink spills at all costs!

Make space for everything

Get Seasonal

Don't forget to pack your sunnies!

Girls, the sun is out, and while it’s probably best to stick in a pac-a-mac for good measure, it’s time to start carrying around the classic warm weather essentials.

Get excited for sunny walks to work with a summery tune in your ears and bring your must-have sunglasses (new-season of course), as well as a cute pair of headphones, and don’t forget the sun cream!

*mum tip*

Your handbag should be your mum-only safe haven. If you’re spending the day with your little ones, why not bring an extra bag for baby stuff and leave it in the car? That way you can keep things organised in your own stylish way.

Prep For Every Occasion

Are you using a broken old nail file, a brush full of hair and moving your makeup brushes from bedroom to bag on a daily basis?

Whether you’re in desperate need of some new beauty tools or you’re just sick of forgetting them at home, there’s a lot to be said for having spares – particularly if you can find some great bargains with yours truly!

Always be ready for any occasion

Look After Your Prized Possession – Your Phone

Your phone is your prized possession

It’s a comforting (or a terrifying) thought that no matter if you lose your entire handbag – perhaps after five-too-many proseccos, you can still sort almost anything as long as you have your phone with you.

Maybe that’s how lots of us have ended up with them glued to our palms! Your electronic lifeline will stay safe in your handbag with a sleek new phone case, perfect if you find yourself throwing it in and out of your bag on a reg basis.

What’s in your handbag? Not just a fun game on nights out (have you played this?) but a photo op for a gorge Instagram post. Tag us @peacocks_fashion in your artiest pic with your best advice for keeping an organised handbag and you might just see us regramming on our page!

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