Six reasons to exercise in 2019 (and get excited about it!)

Six reasons to exercise in 2019 (and get excited about it!)

Six reasons to exercise in 2019 (and get excited about it!)

Apparently, most of us (read: 92%) gave up on our New Year’s resolutions on January 12th this year.

When the party’s over and our purses are feeling a little TOO empty, we won’t be harsh on ourselves for not hitting the gym four times a week without fail. Who knew that NYE prosecco confidence doesn’t last?

That doesn’t mean you have to bail on exercise for the year though. Forget losing weight, focus on feeling great and get excited about exercise in 2019. 20 minutes is better than nothing and it gives you an excuse to wear the chicest women’s activerwear from Peacocks.

Check out our favourite reasons to exercise in 2019.

You’ll get a rush each and every time

Been torturing yourself with Dry Jan?

Who needs alcohol when you’ve had an incred cardio sesh? Sure it can’t replace cocktails at your favourite bar with the girls, but the sweet combo of serotonin, endorphins and dopamine make for a feel-good rush once you’re finished – each and every time.

It’ll help you to let go of stress

Terrible day or ongoing struggle to chill, we agree on three surefire reasons that exercise can make you feel awesome again.

Not only do you have to focus on something else for 20 minutes or half an hour – we love an angry work out if something has really irritated us – but you can also tire yourself out, and best of all, you’ll reduce levels of cortisol in your blood, squashing those stressy symptoms.

You might impress your boss

Ever find your mind wandering in a meeting at work? Hopefully if you start fitting in the odd dance class, you’ll find that your ability to concentrate improves fabulously. That’s because working up a sweat makes us produce more of the chemicals which help us focus.

You might never respond to “what do you think?” with “mmmhmm?” in a meeting ever again.

Trivia could become your new fave game

Unreal fact – working out might actually make your brain grow!

The bit that helps you to learn and remember stuff – the hippocampus – can get bigger when you exercise regularly.

It’ll make you feel amazing

Nobody has ever finished a session at the gym and thought “I wish I hadn’t bothered” – we’re almost 100% on that.

Whether you exercise once a week or four times, looking at your own self-satisfied grin in the mirror makes the whole thing worth it!

You’ll hold your head high

Not just because you’ll feel mega but working your muscles can also make for better posture, whether you’re standing up, walking around or sitting down at your desk.

Get stuck into the collection of women’s activewear at Peacocks and starting owning 2019. You can do this! Tag us in your pre-workout selfies on Insta @Peacocks_fashion for a chance to star on our page.

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