They said WHAT? Funny Halloween costume ideas from the minds of kids

They said WHAT? Funny Halloween costume ideas from the minds of kids

They said WHAT? Funny Halloween costume ideas from the minds of kids

Find out about the funniest Halloween costume ideas our customers have heard from their kids.

We’d argue that Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas is such a cult classic because for kids, October 31st rivals Christmas Eve as the most magical night of the year. And who can blame them?

Kids’ imaginations always surprise us and when costumes are involved, they really get to kick it into overdrive.

So we wanted to do something a little different this year. We reached out to our lovely customers on Facebook, and asked for the strangest, funniest Halloween costume ideas their kids have ever come up with – and we promised a prize costume bundle for our favourite one, too.

Keep reading for our winner and the four runners-up, just because!

What a lot of clothes you have Nanna… All the better to dress you with, my dear!

Who said that Halloween costumes have to be scary? Well, a lot of people.

But you’ll see from our magical costumes collection, that we know ghosts and ghouls aren’t the only option for creative little ones!

We loved Amanda Thompson’s story about her daughter who loves David Walliams’ book, Gangsta Granny. A quick raid of Nanna’s wardrobe and Amanda’s mini pensioner was ready to go trick-or-treating:

“A few years ago my daughter didn’t want to dress up spooky for Halloween.

“She loved the book Gangsta Granny written by David Walliams, so she decided to be her. We had to go and see Nanna to borrow some clothes, and she loved it!”

Amanda’s daughter dressed up as a Gangsta Granny on Halloween – check out her costume here.

Amanda, we’ll be in touch to ensure you receive your Halloween bundle before the big day. Congratulations!

From a piece of fruit to the walking dead

When we were young, you wouldn’t catch many kids celebrating how much they love fruit, but Zeeta’s son is heading up the revolution for nature’s sweets! Or he was planning to:

“My son wanted to be a banana last year as he loves bananas, but the day before he changed his mind and wanted to be a zombie banana, lol!

“Eventually we settled on an actual zombie with no banana”.

The only thing is, we’re dying to know what the zombie banana costume would have looked like…

Designing an outfit without a sketch is like building a house without foundations…

We can’t help admiring kids who do their research and plan in advance when it comes to costumes! A girl after our own hearts we’d say. Here’s what her mum, Audrey Jestin, said:

“My daughter is five years old and already an aspiring fashion stylist.

“This is her wonderful Halloween costume creation that she wants to wear; a pumpkin face with scary green eyes, rotting teeth and patchwork dress! I love her creativity.”

Us too, Audrey!

Planning ahead is important when it comes to Halloween costumes. Just look at Audrey’s daughter’s sketch!

A grape idea

For some reason, a grape seems so much easier to recreate than a banana. And it sounds like Reuben did a great job:

“Reuben dressed up a grape by wearing anything purple he could find…

“including a scarf of mine! ?”

There’s no “I” in “team” but there is an Aaron!

At least on Halloween there is.

We love this cheeky chappy’s smile!

We’re not sure if he wants to get involved in sporty rough and tumble himself, or whether he’s predicting some wounds at the next Waterford game, but we think his mum (shout out to Nicola Lou Diffily) did a great job on his bandages!

“My son Aaron wanted to be a scuffed-up Waterford player, even though he is their number one fan!”

Aaron dressed up as a Waterford player last Halloween – look at those scuffed arms and legs!

You never know, in a few years, we might see Aaron on the field!

Whether you’re looking for accessories to top off a DIY design, or your little one has their heart set on a complete outfit, you’ll find creative costumes for the whole family in our Halloween shop!

Tag us in your photos on Instagram @peacocks_fashion, for a chance to appear on our own page in all your glory. Happy Halloween!

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