How to Get into a Morning Routine for School

How to Get into a Morning Routine for School

How to Get Back into the School Routine

Start a great morning routine for school with some tips and advice from the mums and dads at Peacocks

The parents here at Peacocks have agreed that summer holidays can seem months long. When did all of the world’s kids get together and agree that they’d still wake up at the crack of dawn, even when you let them stay up later?

As pleased as we are to have our little ones at home, to plan fun activities that we can do together, it’s easy to start looking forward to September – particularly if you have a job and other grown-up stuff to think about.

However, it’s also easy to lose track of your morning routine for school, or perhaps you’ve never had one before! Either way, we’ve put our heads together to rustle up some tried-and-tested tips for making mornings as painless as possible, when the school year comes back around.

Keep reading for advice from real mums and dads at Peacocks.

Try out the school run – for you and for them!

If you’re out running errands or taking little ones out for the day, set off as though you’re going to school and time how long it takes during rush hour. This will help them to come round to the daily trip and you can remind yourself how much time you need.

Slowly bring back bedtime – for your own sanity!

The kids will find it much easier to wake up on the first day of school if they’ve had a normal bedtime for a couple of weeks

Lots of parents will suggest that you reign in bedtime a couple of weeks before the first day back at school, but that is definitely easier said than done.

Depending on their age, resetting a regular bath time and “lights out” is a good start, but we find that early nights are a struggle after weeks of freedom, without bringing back early mornings. As well as tucking the kids in 10 minutes earlier each day, start waking them a little earlier too – tiredness will soon catch up!

Give the kids their own jobs!

Not only does this tip mean you have less work to do, but it teaches valuable life lessons too (read: gives you ten minutes to do your makeup). Introduce their chores a little while before school starts and it will be second nature by the time the big day comes around.

For younger children it can be as simple as preparing an easy breakfast (ask them to set the table and leave the milk, orange juice et cetera somewhere they can reach in the fridge), while older kids can organise teeth-brushing for younger siblings or let the dog out in the garden and get their furry friend settled before you’re ready to go.

With all of the quick breakfast options available these days (we’re thinking freezable muffins and pancakes), there’s no reason for you to rush around buttering burnt toast for half an hour each day if it skews your routine.

Prepare a week’s worth of uniforms and P.E. kits before Sunday afternoon

Make sure your little girl’s school uniform is ready to go on Sunday night to avoid a midweek scramble.
Image alt text: Pick up school uniform for boys at Peacocks and save money – that way you won’t end up having to wash piles of clothes during the week!

You can never have too many school uniform basics when you’re shopping Peacocks prices. Make sure you’ve got five shirts, at least three pairs of trousers or skirts and plenty of underwear and socks ready to go on a Sunday.

Washing clothes midweek can seem like a walk in the park… until you’re waiting up for the machine to stop.

Have one spot in the house for school must-haves

Everyone’s tired at the end of the day, but creating a “school stuff” spot in the hall or in their bedroom can save you a headache in the morning.

Whether the kids can’t remember where they left their school bag and shoes, or even worse, their jumper is crumpled in a heap on the floor when it was fit for another day’s wear, you can do a quick scout to check that the essentials are ready before bed.

It’s also a fab way to encourage hanging up their clothes, so choose an area with a door handle or hook at the ready and you could even make them their own little sign!

Sort out a great night routine for school too

Nailed the night routine for school? Take advice from Peacocks to get the kids ready the night before.

Make a list of things you might need to sort together before the next day. When they come home from school or you get back from work, tick them off the list. Is there any homework that needs checking? Any letters that needs signing or lunchboxes to clean?

If everything is signed off before the TV or games console goes on, your mornings will run MUCH more smoothly, we’re sure.

From all of the mums and dads at Peacocks; good luck with your preparations for their first day back at school! Hopefully it’ll be a breeze with our tried-and-tested advice.

Are you yet to start the back-to-school shop? Check out our guide to uniform shopping for bargain-hunting tips and tricks, and shop the complete collection of school uniform for girls and boys today.

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