Do Your Kids Love the Unicorn Trend? Unicorn Gift Ideas to Help Them Nail It

Do Your Kids Love the Unicorn Trend? Unicorn Gift Ideas to Help Them Nail It

Are unicorns real? Did they ever exist?

The short answer is no, but our kids believe in them and the unicorn trend is huge right now! Also, you’d be surprised how many fully-grown adults don’t know whether they really existed or not…

We can’t blame them for hoping though – in all seriousness, we love them too! Have you seen Tom Cruise in Legend? *sigh*

But you can make your kids’ day if they’ve never heard of narwhals before – they are essentially sea unicorns, so what’s not to love?


Or, you can check out the range of unicorn gifts available from Peacocks right now. Our collection has never been better! Keep reading to find all of the unicorn stuff they’re looking for.


Add Magic to Lessons with Unicorn Stationary

Nothing makes a child look forward to school like brand-new stationary that they can’t wait to show off to their friends! Particularly when it features their fave mythical creature.

And who can blame them with our fabulous fluffy notebooks, pencils, sharpeners and pencil cases up for grabs. The notebooks even come with padlocks for top-secret unicorn business.

They’ll be flying through the school gates.


Give Every Day Extra Confidence and Sparkle with Unicorn T-Shirts & More!

For little miss…

These leggings will give your little lady a reminder of who’s in charge, and they’ll look fabulous with a glam, glittery unicorn t-shirt. Perfect for her downtime. Or, team this tee with jeans for a trip to the cinema with her pals.

For little lambs…

Your girl will be setting trends in a sequinned unicorn tee, and these My Little Pony leggings make up the cutest blue ensemble.


A Magical Halloween with Unicorn Costumes!

Why be scary or cute on Halloween, when you can be magical in your very own unicorn costume? OK, they’ll definitely look cute in these getups too, whether they choose a multicoloured gown or a onesie they can crawl around in.


Magical Accessorising

Flying horse superfans would be lost without their trusty unicorn accessories. This purse will let your little lady remember her unicorn status all day long, and these underwear sets will make getting ready for school a little more fun, even though they have to put their boring uniform over the top!


Everything you need to throw a unicorn slumber party!

You’ll be so pleased to hear this one isn’t just for the kids. Unicorn parties are all the rage at the moment, and you can make Friday nights a little more fun now the weather is getting colder and the nights are drawing in.

We’ve got unicorn pyjamas for you, for younger kids and even for babies, so you can settle down for girls’ night with some tasty treats and watch The Little Unicorn for one enchanted slumber party.

If you have a little unicorn who’s afraid of the dark, this mini LED light will keep the magic alive in their bedroom when the big light goes off too. They’ll be off to dreamland in no time.

So, do your kids believe in unicorns? Explore the complete range of unicorn stuff here at Peacocks now – just waiting for the believers!

Also, if you’re throwing a unicorn party of your own, make sure to tag us in your pictures over on Instagram @peacocks_fashion today, for your chance to star on our page!

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