Back-to-School Parent Hacks: Easy Hairstyles for Girls

Back-to-School Parent Hacks: Easy Hairstyles for Girls

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There’s 20% off all full price kidswear this weekend (until August 21st)! Here’s how we’re styling outfits and the hairstyles to match.

Mum and Dad’s hair salon apparently isn’t the coolest place for kids to get their barnet styled – who knew?

What we do know is that kids are developing a sense of what’s cool and on-trend at a much younger age than we did – bowl cuts and blunt fringes anyone? – and us parents can struggle to keep up. There’s only so much time in the morning!

To make back-to-school easier on parents, here are some of our tried-and-tested easy hairstyles for little girls, which they will actually like. You’re sure to be able to master them after one or two practice runs and they won’t take forever either!

Space buns for kids!

Space buns aren’t just a grownup fave for festivals – in fact; they were inspired by kids in the first place!

To create this fun, girly look, part your daughter’s hair down the middle from the front of her hairline to the nape of her neck. Next, pull all of the hair on the left side into a bobble, resting on the top left of her head.

Finish by twisting the hair around the bobble in a circle, and fastening with another, then repeat on the right-hand side! She’s going to love this one.

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What to wear with space buns


The plait pony

For parents who just can’t get their heads round the French plait (honestly we don’t blame you – your heart truly has to be in it to win it!) then this plait pony will seem a much friendlier option.

Simply tie all of your daughter’s hair into a ponytail at the crown of her head and split the ponytail into three sections.

Take the first section in your hands and again, split this into three. If you know how to do a basic, three-piece plait then you are home free from here! If not, follow these instructions:

1. Layer the centre piece of hair over the left piece, so that they swap places, with the centre piece on top.

2. Move the new centre piece over the right piece so that they swap places in their turn and the new centre piece is again on top.

3. Repeat this pattern, pulling the twists tightly together as you go, until you can leave two or three centimetres of hair untouched at the bottom and fasten with a bobble.

To finish off, just repeat these steps on the other two pieces of loose hair and secure each with a bobble. Et voila!

What to wear with the plait pony


The plait crown

Another great French plait alternative, – because let’s be honest, plaits are all the rage whether we like it or not – this crown is so simple! Though it does only work on longer tresses.

Part your little one’s hair in a way that feels natural for her, but try to keep a similar amount of hair on each side.

Next, use the instructions for a basic plait above to create two plain pigtails and secure them with bobbles. This is where it all comes together! Cross the plaits over one another at the nape of her neck, and then twist them up over her head until they meet in the middle.

To complete the look, hide the end of each plait under the other, and fasten into place with kirby grips. For us, this is a personal fave!

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What to wear with the plait crown


Have we featured your most-loved go-to hairstyle for your little lady? If not, do share your ideas with us on Facebook! We can never have too much inspo!

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