Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Fun Summer Activities for Kids

As far as the mums and dads here at Peacocks are concerned; the six-week summer holidays were thought up as a kind of challenge for parents, to keep little ones entertained every day.

Don’t get us wrong – we love that we get to see more of our mischievous monsters, but we can quickly run out of inspiration to interest and divert them. It seems a shame to hit play centres in the sun, and walking to their favourite park every day can get old pretty fast.

So, we’ve put our ‘cool parent’ heads together and made a list of fun summer activities for kids that will keep them amused and allow you to stay sane too! The best part is that each of the games only requires a couple of items. Ever mixed baking soda and vinegar??

Dinosaur Excavation

Our favourite game, dinosaur excavation is easy to set up and the kids are GUARANTEED to love it! Simply push a dinosaur into a water balloon, fill the balloon with water and freeze it.

Once you’ve cut the balloon away, you can place the balls of ice out in the back garden and the kids can chip away at the ice with plastic tools and excavate the dinosaurs! Budding palaeontologists will have a ball, trust us!

Kids summer activities

Baking Soda and Vinegar Wacky Science

You might have heard of baking soda bottle rockets, however, they can be a little scary for younger children, and there’s always a risk of somebody getting hurt.

Of course, it goes without saying that you must always proceed with caution when you’re playing scientists. That’s why we prefer to pull out the paddling pool.

Cover the bottom of the pool in baking soda, and fill water balloons with vinegar. Then, let the kids throw the balloons into the pool and watch as the powder and the liquid reacts together and bubbles up!

You can even add a little washing-up liquid if you want to ramp up the bubbles!

A Gloopy, Gloopy Swamp

The trusty paddling pool will come in handy yet again for this sticky, mucky game (did we mention that you should definitely host Gloopy Swamp in the garden?!).

Mix corn flour and water until it reaches a tacky, stretchy consistency. Then add green food colouring, throw in some jungle animals – or an adventurous doll that they don’t mind getting dirty – and play swamp exploration!

You can even mix up your colours to create new, exciting worlds. What about a pink bubblegum universe?

Kids summer activities

Water Gun Painting!

If you have water guns, you’ve a great activity to start with!

When they get bored of a water fight, use pins to secure large pieces of paper to a tree, fill the water guns with different coloured watercolour paint and let the kids go to town creating a work of art.

They might need a little reminder not to paint each other though! Think of the laundry pile…*cringe*

Kids summer activities

DIY Room Decor

A fab way to make the most of shells and pebbles that the kids have collected on beach visits.

Have the little ones help you to sort these mementos into colour schemes, such as shades of green. Mix in an array of similarly-coloured buttons and feathers – you can usually find these easily in supermarkets, craft shops and charity shops.

Next, they can get to work! Cut cardboard into shapes and let the kids stick their souvenirs onto the background. You’ll be able to put these DIY decorations up around the house for safe keeping, and that way they don’t take up storage space either! Result.

Kids summer activities

We’re always on the lookout for new top tips! Head over to Facebook and share your favourites with us today! Why not treat yourself to a facemask while they’re playing too? We have some great recipes here.


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