Festival Hairstyles for 2017

Festival Hairstyles for 2017

Your festival hairstyles, like your festival outfit choices, are something you spend a while thinking about; you want your hair to look amazing, in all honesty you imagine every eye in the place on your crowning glory – but you also want to forget about it for the entire day and have the best time. Oh yeah, and after day one, it has to be doable with no shower and a questionably small makeup mirror.

So, the best thing would be to find a list of 2017’s on-trend hairstyles for festivals, all conveniently compiled in one place, with tutorial suggestions to match. Preferably put together by style-savvy, celeb-loving fashionistas who are committed to helping you look dreamy. Enter, Peacocks. If you’re looking for easy festival hairstyles and you’re not looking forward to readjusting a flower crown 14 times a day, this post is for you.

With only dry shampoo, a brush and bobby pins to hand, we need a miracle, and FAST!

Boxer Braids

Kylie Jenner was one of several supermodels and celebs to work boxer braids in 2016 festival season – albeit hers was PARTIC magnificent thanks to her rainbow colouring – and




They’re inverted French plaits, or cornrows – but only one on either side of your head – and they’re so-called because female boxers have been known to sport them when kicking ass. There’s no stronger look in our opinion.

Find our favourite tutorial for boxer braiding like a celeb here. You can probably leave this ‘do in all weekend without brushing it TBH and it will still look fierce – who has the time?

Bright and Bold

So Kylie has inspired a storm of boxer braided festival-goers in 2017, after her appearance at Coachella last year, but she herself went for a very different look at the April US festival this year.

Although we see more pastels when it comes to the bright hair trend, Miss Jenner is a law unto herself. As you’ll find out here, her envy-inducing stylist used semi-permanent hair dye to create a neon-yellow wig this year and you can bet she was turning heads all over the place (aside from the fact that she always turns heads, because, well she’s Kylie Jenner). She has now proven that there is no style she can’t pull off.

Invest in some dye and create your look – pastel or bold and bright if you fancy it – before you head off with your rucksack; then either leave your ‘do loose and free, or pop it into the classic top knot when you get too warm. No style is boring with rainbow hair!

Space Buns

Coachella don’t want none, unless you got buns, hun! This is the most popular trend on our list at the moment and really, it’s probably the sweetest too. They makes sex bomb Miley Cyrus and gorgeous beauty blogger Christen Dominique look adorable, and it’ll have the same effect on you too.

Again this one has been around for a while, but colour updates, braid additions and GLITTER are keeping it fresh.

Miley Cyrus & Christen Dominique:

Look to this handy tutorial for beginner’s tips.

The Parting Braid

Kate Bosworth is spotted at so many festivals, we can’t believe we haven’t banged into her ourselves. Of course she is ace at festival styling too, with a little help from her hair stylist Bridget Brager. Bridge created this centre parting plait for her in 2015 and we’ve been seeing variations on the look ever since. For two of the best, we’d recommend looking here.

Kate Bosworth:

Wavy Bunches

Vanessa Hudgens IS festival-chic. She embodies everything you need to look at home at a festival and she rocks the bohemian look. Her simple ‘do is ideal for we girls who can’t or won’t commit that much time to a barnet. Amazingly, all you need to do for this one is:

  1. Brush through and centre-part your hair.
  2. Split into two bunches and secure with bobbles just under the ears.
  3. Make loose plaits and secure again at the bottom with more bobbles.
  4. Sleep.
  5. Remove lower bobbles in the morning and hairspray!

This ‘60s-inspired look is bunches of fun.

Which ‘do will you be practicing for this summer’s festivals? Talk to us on Facebook or Twitter now and visit our Chella Bella festivalwear category at Peacocks today!

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