Exercises for Yummy Mummies

Exercises for Yummy Mummies

Being a yummy mummy is totes rewarding but no one could say it’s an easy life. Looking after a crackers child (or several) while you’re this tired, and still being a total babe is not a walk in the park, amirite?

Unbelievably no, we don’t have time to run back and forth to the gym, we aren’t cheetahs with endless babysitter money. Sigh. But some of us like chocolate and some of us just like staying pretty healthy, so the mummies at Peacocks have put their heads together. We’ve come up with the best, fun and effective activities that can be done with a baby in tow or in a short space of time. Hallelujah!


If you’re lucky enough to have a child who’s still in the carrying stage, you’ve got a handy weight to train with for free! Strap baby into a front carrier and do a set of squats. If you aren’t sure of the proper stance, your toes should be slightly turned out, your tailbone pointed toward the ground and as you lower yourself as though to sit in a chair, your weight should be on your heels and your knees shouldn’t come over your toes.

Amuse the little one with a singsong while you’re working.


Fun lunges. Can they ever be fun I hear you ask? Well kind of. Give your monster a snack they can handle themselves – like toast – and while they sit in the high chair to eat it, walk across the room and do a series of lunges back towards them. Pull a funny face every time you stand up and any baby will be entertained enough for you to fit in all of your reps.


If you’re blessed with a wild toddler, this game is a favourite with everyone involved. Put your weight on one leg and lift the other to the side keeping it straight and in line with the still leg. Slowly lower your leg then do the same with the other and so on. If you make zombie noises and chase your little one around, they can enjoy playing zombies and you can tackle pregnancy hip weight. Sneaky.


Make the most of your babe’s TV time. With this set you can tone your triceps while keeping them happy! Sit on the couch with a hand either side of your bottom, facing forwards. Then put your weight onto your hands and lift your tush off the couch. Your knees should be bent and your legs should be at a 90 degree angle in front of the couch. Bending your arms, lower your bum almost to the ground, back to a 90 degree angle, then repeat.


Don’t exhaust yourself doing hours of cardio in the rare time you’re away from the fruits of your womb – it might burn calories but can be very tiring and isn’t the most effective technique. (Only if your goal is calorie-burning obv, if you just love running on the treadmill, go right ahead!)

Do try out HIIT classes. High-intensity interval training is basically what it says on the tin: giving your all for short periods of time with interval breaks in between. You’ll keep your heart rate up and burn more in less time. It also keeps things fresh – no more boredom at the gym! Drag one of your girls along for a session and neither of you will look back!

Don’t push yourself to extremes when it comes to strength training. More pain doesn’t mean more results and if the aftereffects make your day-to-day jobs harder, you’ll be hurting yourself more and it’ll be days before you can exercise again!

Do create a realistic workout sched for yourself. Any workout will always be good for your health but if you exercise randomly, you might be put off if you don’t feel steady improvement. A schedule will give you something to work towards, and the sense of achievement when you’ve met your targets is THE BEST. Also, then you can start rewarding yourself with treats, which is basically why we’re doing it anyway.


We don’t even mention exercising unless we’re doing it in style. Our mantra is: look great, feel great, exercise…greatly! Check out some of our new-in gym bunny garms below.


These are our fave exercise methods but we’d love to hear yours if they aren’t on this list! Head over to our Facebook page today to fill us in, and make sure to shop activewear at Peacocks to update your workout wardrobe. There’s no better motivation!

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