A Mummy and Daddy’s Guide to Easter Egg Alternatives

A Mummy and Daddy’s Guide to Easter Egg Alternatives

Treating your kids to things they love and keeping them healthy is a tricky balance to strike and it can leave us feeling pretty confused and guilt-ridden around Easter in particular. We remember the joys of eating choc for breakfast, but nutritional awareness is a big deal these days and the urge to stop our babas from filling themselves with junk is overwhelming.

But we also don’t want to be the mean mummy and daddy on the playground who ban Easter eggs. And anyway, the rest of the family bury them in chocolate either way – it seems unfair that we have to be the only family members to disappoint on the big day!

Well, never fear, as the mums and dads at Peacocks are here to help! If your kids need a break from too much choccy – or they’ll get enough from the relatives as it is, check out our alternatives to keep them busy and entertained. They won’t even realise they’ve been tricked (a harsh word really) as they’ll have a ball! Sneaky eh?


This classic Easter craft will keep little ones amused for hours! The finished product makes a cool centrepiece depending on how artistic the kids are (just joking, we know you’ll love it either way) and they’re great keepsakes for when they get older.

First you take your regular eggs and ‘blow out’ the insides of each of them – find an awesome how-to guide HERE, that you’ll actually be able to follow. Once you’ve cleaned out the shells and dried them, the kids can start painting! From poster paint and Tipp-Ex pens to gold-flecked paint and animal ears, the possibilities are endless and the goal is to finish with the coolest decoration!

Our favourite guide to mastering marbleized eggs is HERE.

Easter eggs
Easter Eggs



An outrageously popular kids’ craft that can be moulded to suit the holidays. Simply use Easter cookie cutters to draw an outline on a regular kitchen sponge and cut them out. Pour paint into bowls and let them start dipping and pressing onto paper.

Your only job will be making sure that the little monsters don’t get paint on your dining table while they create masterpieces starring bunnies and baby chicks.



The best way to stop kids stuffing their faces with choccy on Easter Sunday is to get them involved in… making something else they can eat! And luckily there’s plenty of healthy-enough recipes around that taste scrumptious and are a lot of fun to bake. If nothing else, it makes eating treats a little more productive and a rich dessert will satisfy any sweet tooth with one portion!

Try out our favourite, tried-and-tested recipe from BBC Good Food, for a Rhubarb and Custard Tart. Divine!




Another crafty challenge you can take on together, you’ll find instructions for making the cutest Easter basket from craft sticks here, and then you can go flower-picking together! Alternatively, fill with healthy fruit bars and yoghurt drops, or a couple of toys as mentioned below…



We love these ideas and we’ve used them ourselves so we’re sure you and the kids will appreciate them too. If you’d like to replace eggs with a different physical present instead though, how about a stuffed toy to represent spring – the whole point of Easter after all is to celebrate new life!


If you try out our recommendations this Easter, we’d love to see the results. Head over to our Facebook page to send us your kids’ works of art and let us know how the crafts went down! Until then, shop seasonal gifts at Peacocks today.

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